Who Is FiftyX


When you call, you may hear a dog bark in the background. Here’s Piloux checking her email. piloux@fiftyx.com

The boilerplate answer is we’re a full-service strategic and creative communications firm that provides marketing, advertising and design services to companies in numerous industries, but specializes in promoting healthcare brands, products, and services.

But if you peel back the onion, you’ll discover there’s much more to our story.

Sure, we fit the description above. But we’re really a small group of professionals with better than 30 years of experience in this business, who still love what we do. Honest. We can’t imagine a better way to make a living than thinking up clever ways to help clients promote their businesses in a crowded, complex marketplace.

So what makes us different? Well, we don’t just talk—we listen. We don’t nickel and dime you—we deliver quality service, in a timely manner, for a reasonable price. We’re not perfect—though, we do try to be. And while we like to think big when solving your problems, we keep our egos in check and our feet on the ground. Because at the end of the day, we’re simply dedicated people striving to do our very best, just like you.

One other thing—we’re a little bit choosy. We won’t work with just anyone. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships and keeping our client roster small so we can give each one the focus and attention they deserve. You see, if we can’t walk our own talk, then we’re just like everyone else.

Ron really makes us stand out from our competitors. He’s extremely easy to work with, He really gets it, and he makes it extremely easy on the client. He does his homework, he looks at what the competition is doing, He does a lot of strategic thinking in his work, and he asks the right questions. He’s just so pleasant to work with, He’s really a client’s dream. It’s great to have somebody focused on not just creation but on the entire fulfillment.

Tobey Robertson, Director of Business Development , Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital

FiftyX is proud of the significant recognition we have received from the advertising, design and health care communities.

  • ADLA (Art Directors of Los Angeles)
  • Belding Awards
  • Clio Awards
  • Communications Arts Advertising and Design Annuals
  • The Communicator Awards
  • Health Information Awards
  • Healthcare Marketing Awards
  • Golden Advocates (Hospital Public Relations and Marketing Awards)
  • Women in Advertising LULU Awards
  • National Healthcare Information
  • New York Art Directors Club
  • Orange County Advertising Federation
  • PCLA PRO Awards
  • Print Magazine Design

More leads…more patients… more sales…more profits

Meet Our Team


Ron Morris
President & Creative

Ron is responsible for the
creative integrity and
execution of all work,
developing imaginative and
strategic solutions to meet
your goals. With over 30 years of
successful experience in
strategic planning and
implementing of communications campaigns across all
platforms and media, both
traditional and online.

Mike Maher
Senior Art Director

Mike brings a diverse background in advertising and
marketing design to FiftyX.
With over 25 years of design
and creative management
experience, Mike has worked
with dozens of clients in
diverse industries.

Kathy Morris
Senior Designer

Kathy is instrumental in
focusing on the needs and
goals of each client in order
to achieve creative solutions
to fit the identity and reach
of an audience.

Friends and Affiliates

FiftyX has the internal
creative and account staff
to meet our client’s needs. We
partner with talented creative
specialists to help bring the
best results at the best price.